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Dr. Markus Gumbmann

Dr. Markus Gumbmann is a General Dentist at Vic West Dentistry in Victoria. 

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Dr. Gumbmann, Victoria Dentist

Dr. Markus Gumbmann

General Dentist
B.Sc DMD, University of Manitoba

Dr. Gumbmann spent nine years as a general dentist in Toronto before moving back to his birth country of Germany. There he decided to follow his passion in root canal therapy, doing the German equivalent of a special program with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Endodontologie und Traumatologie (DGET). He worked in Germany for 11 years, primarily on a referral basis focused on, but not limited to root canals.

Dr. Gumbmann has worked with a dental microscope since 2010. This has allowed him to see under high levels of magnification and given him the ability to see the anatomy of the teeth.

He was a member of the European Endodontic Society until moving back to Canada at the start of 2020. He now is a member of an Endodontic study club in hopes of continual improvement of his skills and is excited to bring his vast experience in patient care to Vic West Dentistry.

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