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Invisalign Teen For The Busy Teenager

Invisalign® has a unique line of aligners to meet the specific needs of busy teenagers. Our dentists explain what makes Invisalign Teen different from the standard line. 

A significant percentage of Invisalign orthodontic patients are teenagers. That said, many teens run into some problems with Invisalign aligners, specifically related to being a teenager. 

Invisalign's makers seek to address the unique needs of today's busy teens with Invisalign Teen. 

Here's how they approached it:

Compliance Indicators

You'll find small blue dots on Invisalign Teen aligners that fade away after they've been worn for two full weeks. 

How does this help teens in particular? 

On average, teenage Invisalign patients tend to comply less with their treatment schedule than adults do. This means they are more likely to remove their aligners more frequently, and for longer intervals than prescribed by their orthodontists. 

Because of this, it can become difficult to track how much longer they are supposed to wear a given set of aligners. The compliance indicators can help to address this issue as they'll only fade away once the aligners have been worn for a full two weeks worth of time, making it easier for teens to get back on track. 

Eruption Tabs

Invisalign Teen can be prescribed for younger teenagers whose adult teeth are not quite done erupting, thanks to the addition of eruption tabs. These tabs leave space in the aligners for the teeth to finish growing in.

Replacement Aligners

Teenagers are at a greater risk of losing or damaging their aligners. This is in part due to the fact that they may take them out more often than their adult counterparts, and leave them out longer. Invisalign Teen comes with replacement aligners so that if a set of aligners is damaged, treatment can continue without missing a beat!

How will Invisalign Teen affect your child?

Invisalign Teen offers all the same benefits as standard Invisalign. This means that bite issues can still be corrected and crowded and crooked teeth can be evened out on top of the extra features listed above. 

With the help of Invisalign Teen, your teenager may be able to achieve a straighter smile, which can lead to more confidence in their daily life. Thanks to the fact that aligners are removable, they won't experience a huge change in their habits. While they may have to be more vigilant with brushing and flossing, your teen should not experience any significant inconveniences.

If you are considering Invisalign for your teen, come talk to our dentists at Vic West Dentistry today!

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